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One Diamond Weight, One Hundred Different Prices

Diamonds and gemstones are sold and priced by a weight of measure called a carat. Carat is a weight, not a measurement like millimeters. Diamond cutters strive to cut the most perfect stone for each raw diamond they are presented. Inclusions and other natural properties of the stones determine how the cutter is best able to cut any particular stone. 

These cuts are generally graded in stone certificates as Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. The closer the cut is to the mathematically perfect diamond proportions determined by each diamond shape(oval, cushion, brilliant, etc.) the more expensive it is. Which is why two, one carat, Brilliant Cut, Very Good, VS1 diamonds can have two very different prices. One of the two may have a closer to perfect table, and less weight in the pavilion maximizing the millimeter size and sparkle. 

An absolutely perfect Brilliant Cut diamond, with the right table and depth proportions, will be 6.5 mm in diameter. When comparing two diamonds with the same 4 C characteristics, don’t forget to look at the millimeter sizes. This measurement will help you determine if the added 1/10th of a millimeter in diameter is worth the 500.00 dollar difference in price, and often the heavier diamond isn't the largest stone.

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