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Heirloom Quality

Laura Preshong jewelry is designed and fabricated using engineering, science and old world craftsmanship to create a jewelry quality not available in mass produced jewelry manufacturing. Our process involves skilled jewelry designers using advanced computer aided design software to assist in the designing of our pieces. Pieces are then cast, hand forged and soldered to ready for setting, diamonds are set by hand using age old setting tools and all finishing from sanding to polish are done by hand in our Boston studio. All Laura Preshong Ethical Fine Jewelry is guaranteed to be made of the highest quality materials and jewelry fabrication, designed to last a lifetime.

Hand Made

From Our Hands To Yours. Hand made or hand fabrication is often misrepresented in jewelry sales and applies only to the final surface finishing processes. Hand finished is not hand made, and does not offer the same durability, ease of wear or fluidity of design. Laura Preshong jewelry is entirely designed and hand made in our Boston studio using modern technology and old world jewelry fabrication techniques practiced for hundreds of years from forging to shape, soldering with an open flame, hand filing, hand stone setting and surface finishing to insure you receive the finest heirloom quality jewelry available anywhere. The details are the design.


We at Laura Preshong are dedicated to environmentally sound low impact manufacturing, which means we use very little large scale manufacturing or chemical processes in our production. All of our jewelry is entirely made in Massachusettes, no overseas outsourcing ever. In our office and studio we have implimented energy saving measures and use recycled packaging materials and paper, and overall have a very low carbon footprint. We love and respect Mother Nature and many of Laura Preshong designs are inspired by nature in and around the Arnold Arboretum. We are dedicated to preserving our natural resources, limiting consumerism, and preserving the beauty of nature and the purity of our environment for our children to enjoy and find inspiration in.

100% Recycled Metals

All of the metals used in Laura Preshong's fine jewelry pieces are mine free and 100% recycled. Our precious metals supplier has met the standards for and received an SCS Certification for their use of 100% recycled metals. SCS is a global leader in verification of environmental and sustainability claims with internationally recognized standards. This certification ensures all of the companies manufactured gold product is certified 100% recycled content. Learn more about recycled precious metals.

Ethical Diamond Sourcing

We use only Canadian diamond melee, sourced in the Canadian Northwest Territories, in all of our jewelry designs. Our large diamonds are certified socially and environmentally ethical and are purchased through the DTC, a partnership between the new De Beers Group and the Botswana government. We also offer Certified Canadian Diamonds. All Canadian diamonds are government controlled and inscribed with a Maple Leaf or a CanadaMark serial number, or is accompanied with a government issued Canadian Certificate of Authenticity that correlates to the GIA grading report. These modern diamond sources insure our clients that the diamonds purchased through Laura Preshong are ethical without connection to conflict, or humanitarian atrocities, and are directly related to supporting economic and social development in Botswana, southern Africa and the Canadian Northwest Territories. Read more about the DTC here.

Ethical Gemstone Sourcing

All Laura Preshong natural sapphires and gemstones are sourced from trustworthy, ethical gemstone suppliers within the United States. These suppliers supply written statements showing that they adhere to The Patriot Act. In addition our main supplier sends experts from within their U.S. and Bangkok offices who visit regularly all of their suppliers and cutter facilities to insure that they comply with socially responsible company sanctioned labor practices. Our sapphires are all selected from reliable suppliers who guarantee their orgin to be Sri Lanka.

Client Relations

It's always nice to have a friend in the business, please allow the passionate jewelry experts at Laura Preshong to provide you with top tier client services, product education and style advise to make your fine jewelry purchase stress free and enjoyable. We make ethical jewelry easy with a concierge diamond and gemstone selection service, custom design services, client stone setting services and design advise for the most discerning jewelry connoisseur.