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Diamonds & Gemstones

All Diamonds Are Eons Old And Nature's Little Miracles

A diamond is the miraculous result of location, carbon, immense temperature, pressure and time. They form in the earth’s mantle a 100 miles below the surface, are pushed to the surface by underground volcanic explosions as Ignous rock and most are over a billion years old. Diamonds have been prized by man for tens of thousands of years, first as engraving tools used by early man and as gemstones for more than 5000 years, and today is no exception.

Light Years Beyond Conflict-Free...Guaranteed Botswana DTC and Canadian Diamonds

All diamonds sold through Laura Preshong are purchased through Accredited De Beers Diamond Buyers and DTC Sightholders and are guaranteed of ethical origin from the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), a partnership between the government of Botswana, Africa and the De Beers Group. In 2013 De Beers moved it main trading and sorting facilities from London to Gaborone, Botswana. De Beers is responding seriously to modern sentiments surrounding conflict-free diamonds, the floundering Kimberley Process Scheme and humanitarian atrocities (linked to African diamonds) by partnering with diamond mines in Botswana, Namibia, Southern Africa and Canada. These mines meet strictly monitored labor and environmental standards, and are having a truly positive effect on the local people and their economy. In Botswana, Namibia, and Southern Africa, diamond mines donate directly to schools and hospitals, buy local goods, and provide funding and training to help local people start their own businesses or get jobs. The DTC’s Canadian diamonds are sourced from mines that work with local Aboriginal people to make community investments. All and all changes to the diamond industry are finally happening in a positive, responsible and transparent way.

De Beers was historically involved in an array of controversial activities, however under its current ownership, it's diamond mines are among the most responsible mines in the world. DTC diamonds are mined in Botswana, Namibia, Southern Africa, and Canada and are mixed together during sorting, which currently prevents diamond consumers from knowing the exact origin of each stone. The exception being Canadian government controlled diamonds bearing the CanadaMark inscription and/or a government issued certificate of Canadian origin.

At Laura Preshong we guarantee that every one of our Botswana DTC Diamonds comes from a socially and environmentally responsible origin. With the inception of the DTC partnership, there is no risk of purchasing a conflict diamond, environmental mining impacts are diminished, workers are treated with respect and paid a fair wage, and local communities benefit socially and economically. By purchasing a Botswana DTC diamond you are helping to support economic development and positive humanitarian change in Botswana, Southern Africa and the Canadian Northwest Territories.

Diamond Grading Reports

In 1931 the GIA created and standardized an international grading system for describing diamonds for consumer confidence in diamond purchasing. The 4 C’s are used globally to describe Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. Since the inception of the GIA grading system other companies have followed suit such as EGLUSA and AGS. At Laura Preshong we prefer to select diamonds with a GIA grading report as other companies tend to over-grade their diamonds resulting in inferior stones being graded incorrectly. View a GIA grading report.

GIA Grading Report

The 4 C's

Diamond Selection Tool and Purchase Advantages

Our Diamond Selection Tool is designed to help you easily select an ethically sourced Canadian or Botswana DTC diamond from 1/3 to 6+ carats. Every large GIA graded diamond purchased through Laura Preshong is laser inscribed with a unique indentifier for identification purposes, and comes with a one year insurance policy against theft or loss. We also offer a life-time diamond trade up program.

Not sure which stone to purchase? Our trained in-house diamond concierge team regularly selects diamonds of every cut, size, and to suit any budget. Contact us at 617-236-7660 or at gallery@laurapreshong.com.

Carat Sizes


All of the sapphires and gemstones used in Laura Preshong jewelry are guaranteed to be ethically sourced natural gems. Our gemstone suppliers have all provided written certification showing that they comply with the U.S Patriot Act. In addition our main gem supplier provides experts from both of their U.S. and Bangkok offices who frequently visit their suppliers and cutters in order to make certain socially responsible practices are being followed in those locations.

The majority of our sapphires are mined in the country of Sri Lanka. Second only in hardness to the diamond, the sapphire is prized for it's richly saturated color, and is a wise choice for an engagement center stone because of its ability to resist scratching and chipping which can make other colored gemstones undesirable for daily wear. All of the genuine sapphires sold through Laura Preshong are of AA or AAA grade and are selected from the finest Sri Lanka sapphires available.

Sri Lanka is a small country located at the southern tip of India. Sapphires have been mined in Sri Lanka the same way for thousands of years, by artisanal miners who employ low impact mining pratices that are today monitored by their government. The miners work in cooperatives that share expenses and profits, as well as ownership of the mine. The miners are treated fairly with concern for their saftey and welfare, and are paid weekly for their labor. The Mines and Minerals Act of 1992 prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from mining gemstones in Sri Lanka.


Moissanite, originally discovered in 1893 in a meteor crater, is a very rare and scarce mineral that was originally thought to be a diamond deposit because of it's hardness, clarity and brilliance. Moissanite that is sold today is almost exclusively labratory grown because of the scarcity and stone size of the natural occuring moissanite deposits. Moissanite is an ethical centerstone choice that is hard to visually distinguish from a diamond. The Moissanite sold at Laura Preshong is hand selected for it's superior white color, excellent cut and brilliance.




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