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Customer Service

What Are Your Customer Service Hours? At Laura Preshong we take customer service seriously. Your fine jewelry purchasing questions should be handled by expert staff members, not a third party calling center. We handle all inquiries in house and personally. Our team is available by phone Tuesday through Saturday 11 AM to 6 PM EST. You can Contact Us at anytime we answer emails seven days a week. Phone calls will be returned on the first business day available after your message is left, be sure to include your name, your phone number, email address and a brief message. Your time is important to us, we won't leave you hanging.

What Are Your Store Hours? Holiday Hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 11AM to 6PM, Thursday to Saturday 11AM to 7PM, Sunday 11AM to 5PM

How Long Will My Order Take? Each piece is hand made especially for you, your order will ship in 12-15 business days depending on the design. The exceptions are Ready To Ship and One of a Kind (OOAK) category items that are available immediately. The estimated time is available under 'Details' in each product listing, or read more information on Shipping and Returns. Custom, customized and engraved pieces can require additional time. Need it sooner? Give us a call at 617-236-7660.

Do You Offer Free Shipping? Yes, free shipping is offered for all U.S. orders. Canadian orders please contact Customer Service at 617-236-7660 for details.

Do You Offer Expedited Shipping Services? Yes, please contact client services at 617-236-7660 for options.

Do You Have Jewelry Ready To Ship? We do have a RTS collection of pieces that are in store and Ready To Ship in 2 Business days.

What Is OOAK? OOAK stands for One of a Kind. Our One of a Kind collection is in store and ready to ship in 2 business days.

What Is RTS? RTS stands for Ready To Ship. Our Ready To Ship fine jewelry collection is in store and ready to ship in 2 business days.

Is Laura Preshong Jewelry Available Through Other Retailers? Laura Preshong original jewelry designs are exclusive to our store and web site.

Do You Have Jewelry In Stock At Your Boston Store? Yes, we have most of our designs available for viewing and purchase in our Boston Store. Engagement and wedding band designs are available for viewing but will still be made to order and require our 10-14 business day production time.

Do You Have Gemstones And Diamonds Available For Viewing In Your Boston Store? Often, but if you make an appointment before coming to the store we can be sure to have what you need on hand.

Do You Sell Gift Certificates? Yes. Click here to purchase a Gift Certificate.

Does My Sales Receipt Act As An Appraisal For Insurance Purposes? Yes, your sales receipt should be sufficient for your insurance company. Contact us should you need any additional documentation.

Why Are Similar Pieces On Other Websites Less Expensive? Quality. Fine jewelry manufacturing is as varied as snowflakes, mass produced jewelry is harder to quality control and is less expensive to produce. Laura Preshong uses a 'small batch' approach to jewelry manufacturing, using only premium quality materials, CAD design software and trained goldsmiths to build each jewelry design one piece at a time, all in Massachusetts.

Will I Be Charged Tax? Laura Preshong only collects sales tax on orders shipped to addresses within Massachusetts. For orders shipped to Canada we charge the relevant GST/PST/HST based on the province that the order is being shipped to.

What If I Need My Order Sooner? Laura Preshong hand makes each piece of jewelry as it is ordered. If you need your order sooner than the expected 12-15 business days we are happy to offer expedited production service on most of our jewelry. Please contact us at 617-236-7660 for more information about placing an expedited order.

Is Your In-Store Return Policy The Same As Your On-Line Return Policy? No, purchases made in store are eligible for exchange or store credit within 14 days of purchase.

Are The On-Line and In-Store Collections Identical? No, The store collection includes many limited edition and one of a kind pieces not available on-line. Visit us in Boston's South End at 558 Tremont Street.

How Long Has Laura Preshong Been In The South End? We have had the gallery in the South End since November 2005, and are thrilled and humbled by the experience!


Custom and Customized:

What is the difference between a custom design and a customized design? A custom design is a unique, original design created to your specifications especially for you, a customized design is a modified Laura Preshong original design. Customization can include the center gem shape, or size, the finish, the precious metal, the band shape and the gems that we set.

Do You Offer Custom Design? Yes, we do. Click here to learn more or start your custom design.

Can I Customize A Laura Preshong Design? Yes, most of our designs can be customized to suit your taste and lifestyle, as an example a post earring can be made a drop earring, diamonds can be replaced with sapphires, smaller or larger center stones can be accommodated. Most design changes will result in no additional cost, if the ring build changes or renders are required there is a 50.00 Customization Fee. Contact Customer Service for design changes and a quote.

Can I Order A Laura Preshong Design With A Larger Centerstone or A Different Stone Shape? Yes, all of our designs can be customized to fit most stone sizes (from 1/2 carat and up) and shapes. Depending on the design and modifications needed there is often no additional charge for this service. If the ring build changes or renders are required there is a 50.00 Customization Fee.

Can I Purchase An Engagement Ring Mount Without The Centerstone? No, we provide a curated selection of diamonds and gemstones for purchase through the Laura Preshong Heirloom Collection on our website. Contact our Diamond Concierge experts for many gem types, shapes and sizes to meet every budget. We are also happy to set your family diamond or sapphire, read more here.

Can I Purchase A Loose Diamond or Gemstone From Your Website? Yes. The 10 day money back guarantee return policy applies to loose stone purchases.

How do you know if I send back the same stone? Our GIA certified team members match stone characteristics, measurements and laser inscription numbers to the gem grading certificates prior to shipping and again if a stone is returned. Stones that do not match original documentation are returned to sender, and no refund will be given. Charges of 400.00 are incurred if Diamond Grading Certificates are not returned with the stone.

Can I Have My Own Stone Set In a Laura Preshong Setting? We are pleased to offer our expert jewelry services to set your diamond or sapphire into an appropriately shaped Laura Preshong jewelry mount. We can also customize any of our designs to fit any shape stone. This service is available for stones 0.25 cts. or larger. A charge of 50.00 to 300.00 is charged to handle and set your diamond. Read more about Setting Your Stone.

Do You Charge To Remove My Stones From My Old Mount? We do, stone removal starts at 5.00 per stone and is reserved for stones 3.0 MM and larger.

Can I Use My Own Diamond Melee A Custom Design? Diamond melee (stones between 0.001 and .018 cts) are difficult to reuse and remove from old jewelry mounts, they chip easily and vary greatly in size making them difficult to work with. Diamond melee smaller than 3 mm are not removable from old mounts or able to be used in new designs. Larger diamond melee are sometimes used in custom design work and will be assessed on a case by case basis. Charges apply for diamond melee removal from old mounts, starting at 5.00 per stone.

Will You Reuse My Gold In A New Jewelry Piece? We are unable to reuse your precious metals in our designs due to impurities in metal that has been manufactured into jewelry. We do not offer a gold refining service and are unable to purchase or apply credit for gold scrap. Old mounts and gold scrap are returned to the client with the new jewelry piece.

Will You Make Custom Designs In Sterling Silver? No. Sterling silver is a soft metal and is not suited for use in building custom designs.

Are Your Sterling Silver Designs Customizable? We can make a few design changes to silver designs, like sapphires instead of diamonds or a drop earring instead of a post. Contact Customer Service at 617-236-7660 or customerservice@laurapreshong.com to place a sterling silver customizable order.

When Do I Pay For My Custom Design? A 50% deposit is paid to start building 3D renders and finalizing the details of the design. Once the design is approved, the final balance is due. Then we start fabrication - in just a few weeks, your custom jewelry is finished!


Jewelry and Metallurgy:

What is Ethical Jewelry? Ethical jewelry is jewelry made with only conflict and humanitarian free Botswana DTC and Canadian diamonds, ethically sourced gemstones, 100% SCS certified recycled precious metals and low environmental impact production processes.

What is recycled metal and does it affect the quality? Precious metals are reclaimed from many post-consumer sources, including recycled jewelry, industrial products, and electronics and then re-refined back into their pure elements and are of equal quality to newly mined metals. By using recycled metals we are contributing to a cleaner planet by reducing the demand for mined metals. Read more about our 100% recycled gold, platinum and silver here.

Can My Ring Be Sized? Yes, one free re-sizing is included within 30 days of the item shipping for all fine jewelry purchases. Eternity band styles are sometimes not sizable in traditional ways, and may require sizing balls. The style of sizing technique used will be determined by our repair team. Resizing your ring will take up to 7 business days.

How Do I Know What Size To Order? Use our Free Ring Sizing Kit which includes a printable guide, or visit a local jewelry company for sizing.

I need to order a larger size than what is on the product page. No problem! Ring sizes larger than available on product pages may have additional charges applied. Contact us for more information.

Do You Offer Engraving? Many of our rings can be engraved for an additional $40.00 with a personalized message on the interior of the ring not to exceed 15 characters. Please contact us for assistance with engraving, script styles available and to determine if your selected style can be engraved. Engraved rings are not eligible for return, resize, or exchange. Engraving will require an additional 7 days for delivery.

Is Your White Gold Rhodium Plated? Yes. White gold is an alloy of pure yellow gold and nickle or palladium, and can have grey or yellow cast. We use pure rhodium to make the ring surface visually more uniform, white and smooth.

Why 14K Gold Instead Of 18K Gold Quality? Strength, 14K is harder and will hold the design better over time, and as a bonus, 14K rose gold is a deeper red than 18K rose, as it contains more copper.

Is Your Platinum Quality 950 or 585% Pure? 950, our platinum is 950% pure platinum alloyed with Iridum, the purest quality Platinum available for jewelry manufacturing. The Platinum quality mark is PT/950.

Why Does Platinum Jewelry Cost More Than The Same Piece In Gold? Weight, a design in platinum can weigh twice as much as the same design in gold.

I Don't See Any Platinum Necklaces? Platinum chain is 'soft' meaning it stretches and breaks easily, we chose to omit them from the collections.Platinum necklaces are available as custom orders. Contact us for pricing.

Is Brilliant Cut The Same As A Round Cut Stone? Round is used in describing gemstones like sapphires and usually have less facets than brilliant cut stones because of the differences in light refraction and intensity of color between sapphires and diamonds. Brilliant cut is a round stone with 58 facets per stone, 33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion.

I Don't See Princess, Pear, Marguise Or Fancy Cut Diamond Rings in Some Rings On Your Website. We can customize most of our engagement ring designs to accommodate any center stone shape, and we can certainly use any shape diamond in a custom design jewelry piece. Our Diamond Concierge team will be happy to assist you with any shape, size or type of center stone selection and purchase.

Is Your Sterling Silver Jewelry Rhodium Plated? Yes. We rhodium plate sterling silver jewelry to prevent tarnish.

Is Your Sterling Silver 925 Pure? Yes. The quality mark is 925.

Do You Offer All Of Laura Preshong Designs In Sterling Silver? No, sterling silver is a soft metal and not suitable for many diamond designs. We do not craft wedding bands, engagement rings or custom designs in sterling silver.


Diamonds and Centerstones:

Why Are Your Diamonds Better Than "Conflict Free"?  We feature and sell only Botswana DTC and Canadian Diamonds. Canadian diamonds are the superior choice for a truly trackable 'mine to market' diamond.  Laura Preshong Heirloom Collection Canadian Diamonds are certified by the Canadian Government with a CanadaMark Inscription and/or a Canadian issued certificate of origin. In addition to Canadian diamonds we purchase and sell diamonds through U.S. Accredited De Beers Diamond Buyers and DTC Sightholders who are in partnership with Botswana DTC Diamonds. These diamonds are guaranteed to be from socially and environmentally progressive mines in Botswana, Namibia and Southern African who are under the Diamond Trading Company umbrella. Read more about the Botswana DTC here.

Are Your Diamond Melee Certified Conflict Free and Ethical? Yes, we use only Canadian diamond melee in all of our jewelry, custom and original designs.

What Is The Kimberley Process Scheme? The Kimberley Process Scheme was an attempt to track and eliminate the sale of diamonds from war-torn and corrupt countries within Africa. The Kimberley Process Scheme has proved to be unsuccessful over the years due to government corruption, failure to negatively sanction humanitarian atrocities and the repeated failure to stop member countries from falsifying export documentation. At Laura Preshong we do not sell diamonds only guaranteed conflict-free by the Kimberley Process Scheme. We sell only De Beer's Ethically Sourced Botswana DTC and Canadian diamonds.

What Is Diamond Melee? Melee diamonds is a term used to describe small diamonds. The diamond weight for melee diamonds range from as low as 0.001 carats (1000th/carat) to 0.18 carats. Diamond melee are full cut diamonds with a table, facets and pavilion just like a large diamond, they are not diamond chips or single cut diamonds.

Are Your Colored Gemstones Ethically Sourced? Yes, all of our sapphires and colored gems are guaranteed Fair Trade and ethically sourced. All of our gemstones suppliers comply with the US Patriot Act. Many of our suppliers mines and cutting factories are monitored for environmental and socially responsible practices by local government. Better still many are visited frequently by the buying company's experts who monitor working conditions and the fair treatment of workers.

Do You Provide A Certificate Of Ethical Sourcing For Your Center Stones? Yes, we provide a printed card with our Ethical Sourcing Guarantee.

Are Your Sapphires Treated? All of our sapphires are natural stones and have not been chemically treated to enhance their natural beauty. Many of our sapphires are heat-treated, which is an accepted industry standard practice. Heat treating improves color, clarity, and overall appearance. No radiation, chemicals, or health risks are involved in this process.

Do You Offer Labratory Grown Sapphires And Moissanite? We regularly offer moissanite on our web site for purchase and can source a laboratory grown sapphire for you as well. Contact us for a list of available laboratory grown sapphires.

Can You Help Me Select A Diamond Or Colored Centerstone? Yes, we are skilled diamond buyers who use way more than the four C's to select diamonds and gemstones, contact our Diamond Concierge Service here. A $100 diamond viewing fee is required before your diamonds are sent in; this fee is applied towards the diamond you select.

What is a Pre-Selected diamond? A pre-selected diamond is 'in house' and has been viewed and hand selected for superior cut, quality and value by our Diamond Concierge team.



What Is Your Warranty? We have a Free Life-time Warranty for all gold and platinum fine jewelry. Click here for full details.

What Is Your Sterling Silver Jewelry Warranty? We have a one year warranty for silver jewelry. Click here for full details.

Do Diamonds Purchased Through Laura Preshong Come With Gem Insurance? Yes, most of our diamonds are covered by a Free one year gem insurance policy that protects the stone from loss or theft. For insurance details please read the policy provided by Gemshield.

Does Your Warranty Cover The Re-plating Of White Gold? No, replating is considered wear and tear. A quality ring should not need to be replated with normal wear and tear yearly. We do offer a re-plating service for 40.00.

How Do I Know If My Jewelry Damage Is Covered By The Warranty? Return the damaged item to us for a repair assessment, you will be contacted within three days of the receipt of your item with a resolution either the item is covered by the warranty or with an estimate for repair.

A Stone Fell Out Of My Jewelry Is It Covered By Your Warranty? No, stone replacement is not covered by our warranty, but should be covered by your personal insurance carrier. Gemstones break due to circumstances beyond our control, they can be crushed, or chipped and may fall out of a setting that is struck just so or dropped. We will replace diamond melee in our jewelry as a service to our clients for a reasonable fee, contact Customer Service at 617-236-7660 for details.