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Ethical Engagement Rings. A Buyer's Guide To Features and Design.

You know you want an ethically sourced engagement ring and an ethical diamond center stone, but what other features should you look for? What makes one ethical engagement ring different from another?

Engagement rings are little structures that need strength, and quality construction to last as long as your love for the recipient. They are little feats of engineering, and the better the engineer, the better the design and durability. Our engagement ring designs have two points of connection for strength, and a curve carved into the ring band to allow the ring to sit closer to the finger and to protect the diamond’s pavilion. More points of contact mean a stronger, more impact resistant design and a lifetime of wear.

construction-sketch 7 x 5.jpg

Shopping for ethical engagement rings should be an educational experience with your consultant pointing out the ring's features and benefits. One feature that is often overlooked is the addition of a wedding band, and the way it will fit with the engagement ring. Our preference is to design our ethical engagement rings to nest, or sit flush together with the wedding band.

stacking-nestle 9 x 7.jpg

Ethical engagement rings are as unique as their owner, because ethical diamonds are nature’s little miracles and are all one of a kind. One of a kind means unique proportions are needed for every stone size and shape. We make our rings, one at a time, perfecting the design scale to suite every diamond, or center stone.

perfect-proportions 9 x 7.jpg

Personal style and sometimes tradition can dictate your center stone shape, and sometimes it’s a surprise. Versatility in an engagement ring design is paramount, and it should allow for personal style and taste. Our ethical engagement rings can be customized to fit most center stones shapes, from cushion, pear, and emerald to round, oval and marquise. Have it your way!

versatility 9 x 7.jpg

Learn more about our Ethical Sourcing and Design Process.

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