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Gem Gossip Visits Laura Preshong in Boston, MA

Danielle Miele of Gem Gossip visits Laura Preshong Ethical Fine Jewelry! See all the pictures from her visit to our gallery in Boston.

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Diamond Setting Styles: A Guide to Choosing your Perfect Ethical Engagement Ring Setting

Choosing a setting for your future ethical engagement ring can be a beautiful representation of your personal style, and is an important factor in enhancing the look of your diamond. These eco-friendly, socially responsible engagement ring styles below can help you decide on your favorite diamond setting style.Bezel SettingOur ‘Betsy’ ethical engagement ring is a [...]

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Ten Tips for Keeping Your Engagement Ring and Proposal A Secret

We meet future brides in the gallery everyday, some are adamant about selecting their engagement ring setting while others create Pinterest boards as a breadcrumb trail. Some are still looking for the traditional surprise engagement proposal, while others accompany their future husbands to get their rings. If you're interested in keeping your proposal a surprise... we’ve complied [...]

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Ethical Engagement Rings. A Buyer's Guide To Features and Design.

You know you want an ethically sourced engagement ring and an ethical diamond center stone, but what other features should you look for? What makes one ethical engagement ring different from another? Engagement rings are little structures that need strength, and quality construction to last as long as your love for the recipient. They are little [...]

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Conflict Free Diamonds, What Are They?

Conflict Free Diamonds are a relatively new but tremendously necessary phenomenon. Conflict diamonds were brought to the attention of the world in 2006 by the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Blood Diamond". No movie could ever clearly portray the horrors of a civil war torn Sierra Leone between 1991 and 1999, or how the country became so corrupt. [...]

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Custom Jewelry In Boston!

Clients come to our Boston gallery everyday with unique ideas to personalize their engagement rings and fine jewelry. Custom jewelry is a great way to express a special moment in your relationship, or because you just can’t find the ring you’re looking for. A great idea and a custom jeweler who makes jewelry you actually like [...]

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How Much Should You Spend On A Diamond Engagement Ring?

When you visualize a diamond engagement ring what comes to mind? For some it’s an 8mm 2 carat F VS1 Excellent Cut diamond set in a platinum setting, for some it’s a smaller diamond with a diamond halo in yellow gold, and for others it’s a lab grown gemstone in rose gold. All are heart-felt and [...]

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Ethical Engagement Rings...What is an Ethical Engagement Ring?

An ethical engagement ring should encompass more than just a conflict free diamond, it should also include recycled metal, ethical diamonds in the setting and low impact manufacturing processes.Recycled precious metal refers to the reclaiming and refining of gold, platinum and sterling silver previously used in jewelry. The refining process returns the precious metal to it’s original [...]

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​Ethical Diamond Or Conflict Free Diamond. What does it really mean?

Many of our clients know they want an ethical engagement ring and a conflict free diamond before they come to us, others choose to buy ethical when educated on the advantages of ethical sourcing. But what is an ethical diamond? In a nutshell it means sustainable and ethical mining practices, humanitarian efforts, the safe treatment of [...]

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How to Design and Purchase a Custom Ethical Engagement Ring Like a Pro

A custom designed ethical engagement ring is the ultimate in personal expression. If you want a ring as unique as you, sprinkled with personal significance, a custom design may be what you’re looking for. Here are 7 tips on how to go about purchasing your custom design.Observe: Notice the jewelry that she or he wears to get a sense of [...]

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