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Setting a Family Stone

Stone Re-setting

We are pleased to offer our expert jewelry services to set your diamond or gemstone into a Laura Preshong Ethical Fine Jewelry Setting, or a custom design. This service is available for engagement ring center stones 0.25 carats (4mm) or larger, in wedding bands and fine jewelry we can use stones starting at 0.10 carats or 3mm. Your gem must be insured prior to sending the stone to us. For identification purposes send a copy of your gem identification certificate or receipt of purchase showing gem characteristics. If no certificate is available Laura Preshong can provide a gemstone appraisal for a fee of 100.00. A Waiver of Liability form stating you understand we do not carry insurance for your gem, and assume no liability for loss or damage, must be signed prior to your stone being removed from your old mount, or being re-set by the Laura Preshong team.

The setting charge for setting your non-Laura Preshong stone in a Laura Preshong Ethical Fine Jewelry design starts at 300.00. The fee depends on any necessary design modifications, setting complications due to irregular stone shapes, deeply cut stones or inclusions. This fee also covers stone removal from your old mount.

Your Gold or Platinum

We are unable to reuse your precious metals in our designs due to irregular gold alloys, impurities in manufactured metal, and unique gold karat standards. We do not offer a gold refining service and are unable to purchase or apply credit for your gold scrap. Old mounts and gold scrap are packaged and returned to the client with your new Laura Preshong jewelry design.




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