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Caring For Your Engagement Ring: A Beginner's Guide

So you are newly engaged. It is a time of celebrations and joy, until you realize your new responsibility of taking care of your new partner. Your fiancé? No, we are actually referring to that stunning engagement ring resting on your left hand. We all go into marriage preparing to care for our future husbands or wives, but how many brides-to-be know how to care for their diamonds? Many sites recommend a combination of steps to protect your beloved ring, so read on to find out how to keep it in the best of conditions.

Accidents happen so the first step in ring care is insurance. recommends either adding the ring to your homeowners insurance or taking out a separate policy, just to be safe. All Ethical Diamonds purchased through Laura Preshong from our Ethical Diamond Search come with 1 Year Free Gem Insurance! Click here to find out more about the process.

Much like you would go to the dentist or doctor every 6 months, your ring also needs a regular checkup to ensure everything is secure. Read more about the pros of this step here.

General everyday precautions are also recommended. Taking you ring off (and storing it somewhere safe) while gardening, cleaning or swimming can help to prevent a frantic search for it later on, or common wear and tear, like scratches or loose prongs. Educate yourself about this step on The Knot here.

We have also prepared a guide to caring for your new ethical engagement ring, read our 12 Tips To Keep Your Engagement Ring Safe.

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