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Custom Design

The Process

Our custom design process is simple; send us your original design sketch or images of the design elements you would like to incorporate in your design and provide some basic information on the form below. Our team of designers will discuss the design details, our ethical sourcing and center stone options with you and provide a quote that will include all costs including any diamonds or gemstones. Gold wedding bands and engagement ring styles have a base price of $2000.00 in any color of gold and  and 2400.00 in platinum. The base price covers a simple solitaire, any diamonds or gemstone side stones, filigree, or chunky styles are additional. Once the design direction is established, and the quote accepted, we will take a non-refundable, 50% deposit to begin working on your custom design. Initial images/renderings of your new design will be ready within seven to ten business days, changes can still be made to the design and materials if desired. The first two rounds of adjustments/changes are included in the quoted price, additional changes(beyond the initial design plus two separate sets of changes) will incur additional charges. Once the design is approved and the final balance paid, we will begin your new jewelry design in the metal of your choice. 

Additional Details

Custom Design is based on your original design sketch or images of designs you are interested in and some basic information about the piece you want, including your overall budget. We will discuss the design and offer advice on structure, comfort, and styling options.

A quote of the design is given up front and will not change significantly unless the stone quality or number is changed. To begin any work other than the consultation and quote, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due for work to be performed on your behalf. This is when the design process is started and CAD (computer aided design) renders will be created by our team CAD designer and sent for approval. If the custom piece is abandoned or significantly changed from the initial design, the initial design deposit is retained for work performed. 

The initial design and CAD renders (two to three angles) will be emailed within seven days business days. You will then have the opportunity to make changes to the initial design. Up to two changes to the initial design are allowed, totaling three sets of images/renders per design.  (Please note- some modifications may incur additional fees) Changes include modifications such as adjusting prongs, adding or removing diamonds or gemstones to the design, changes in band thickness; style or shape, stone orientation or size, and metal quality or color. Additional renders, past the three included in the base fee, are billed at $175.00 per render. All designs remain the intellectual property of Laura Preshong Ethical Fine Jewelry LLC.

Once the design is approved and the final balance paid, we start to make your design. At that time we are unable to make changes to the final and agreed upon design, the only changes made at this point are for structural adjustments or unexpected setting problems. 

Stone Re-Set and Family Stones

We are unable to design with or set diamonds and gemstones not purchased through the gallery. 

Client Responsibilities

The client is responsible for providing the original design concept, approving renders and changes to the design, and making payments in a timely fashion. 

Time Frame

The Custom Design process will take an estimated six to eight weeks to complete, depending on the quickness of design changes and approval, as well as complexity of design and stone setting. 


Deposits for Custom Design, and completed Custom Design projects are non-refundable. Deposits are used to cover design time, and CAD work performed on your behalf and is not eligible for refund. Deposits for abandoned custom designs or significantly changed custom designs are not transferable to new projects and are non-refundable. All designs remain the intellectual property of Laura Preshong Ethical Fine Jewelry LLC.


There will be two payments in total, 50% of the design quote prior to starting the design, sketches and CAD work, and the final balance at the end of the design/render process to start hand making your new jewelry piece in the metal of your choice. Any additional design or render charges, additional stones, etc will be billed in the final payment.

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