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Diamond Selection

Purchasing a diamond can be a time consuming and confusing process, if you would like assistance with your Diamond Selection, we're here to help. We remove the guesswork by visually identifying the most desirable stones and offering them at competitive prices. We provide reliable information with complete transparency, including links to diamond certifications and Canada Mark cards for Canadian Diamond purchases. 

Our trained in-house diamond concierge team regularly selects diamonds of every cut and size, to suit any budget. As an added value all center stone diamonds purchased through Laura Preshong include a Free One Year replacement gem insurance policy from GemShield, a laser inscribed identification number, and a life-time 100% trade in value. Interested in viewing stones in person in our Boston Gallery? Read our In-Store Stone Viewing policies here

You have a Proposal to Plan

Let our diamond experts take the time consuming education process and guess work out of your online diamond purchase. We have years invested in diamond education, viewing and selection, and a GIA gemologist on staff ensure your purchasing satisfaction. We can select a diamond for you based on your budget or grading preferences and send along information and video prior to purchase We also offer an in-store viewing of stones(up to three stones depending on size and availability and two viewings) in our database for a 100.00 deposit. The deposit is non refundable but is fully applied to the purchase of a center stone through our store.

We select diamonds and gemstones for you based on three principles:

Facts & Financial: Two stones with the same carat weight and 4 C's can look very different side by side. We identify the best overall diamond make using qualifiers beyond the 4 C's, such as table & depth, facet angles, symmetry, polish, and clarity characteristics. This ensures that you find the best center stone within your budget.

Unbiased Sourcing: We do not own the diamonds that we source for our clients. We find and recommend stones from one of our Canadian or Botswana DTC ethical sources. If we recommend a stone, it's because it is stunning, ethically sourced, and we would buy it ourselves.

Steadfast Grading: We offer diamonds graded by the GIA, the number one grading authority for diamonds traded worldwide as well as by the AGS and EGL USA. We do not use company created jargon to describe the diamonds we sell, only traditional terms used and readily available on diamond grading certificates. 

Let our experts assist with your center stone purchase including ethically sourced sapphires, diamonds, fancy diamond cuts and colored stones.

Call us at 617-236-7660, email, or use the contact form below for assistance or to Schedule Your Appointment.

Stone Re-Setting

We are unable to set diamonds and gemstones not purchased through the gallery. 

In-Store Diamond Purchase Policy

Once you've selected a diamond or center stone, the stone must be paid for in full to purchase. We are unable to finance or hold stones longer than 48 hours after the in-store viewing.

Fill out the form below and let us help you select your center stone!

Carat Sizes