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Our Diamonds and Gemstones


Our curated collection of ethical, conflict-free diamonds are derive from one US supplier, via Canada or Botswana making it easier to track and guarantee the origin. Rest assured our small diamonds, or melee are ethical too! We use only full cut Canadian diamond melee in our fine jewelry because it’s not just the center stone that counts. Read more about Ethical Diamonds.

Our Ethical Diamond Collection contains only the top five colors of diamonds and are graded by The GIA using The 4 C's. Try our Ethical Diamond Search and find your perfect center stone online, or use our Diamond Concierge Service for assistance selecting and viewing diamonds before you purchase. Our Concierge Service fee is 100.00, and is non-refundable but fully applied to the purchase of your diamond through Laura Preshong. 

Ethical Diamond Purchasing Advantages

Craftsmanship and Ethics

Ethical Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in Vintage Leather Box

Diamond Alternatives

Fair Trade Gemstones

Our natural sapphires and precious gemstones are sourced from reliable, trustworthy suppliers all within the United States. These suppliers adhere to The Patriot Act and regularly visit all of their suppliers and cutting facilities to ensure that they comply with socially responsible company sanctioned labor practices. Our sapphires are guaranteed to be of ethical origin from Sri Lanka.

Ethical Diamonds


Along with ethical sourcing, we’ve thrown in a few perks - purchase any diamond with a grading report from our curated ethical diamond collection and receive one year of free insurance through Gemshield. A laser inscription on the diamond's girdle for identification, and a lifetime trade up program. Read more about our Ethical Diamond Purchasing Advantages.

Lab Grown Gems and Moissanite

Lab grown gems are a lower cost, and ethical alternative to ethically sourced gems and conflict-free diamonds. Not only are they made up of the same cellular structures as natural gems, they almost as hard and sparkly. View our Moissanite or contact us for more options.

Independently Graded

Our curated collection of ethical diamonds are graded by the Gemological Institute of America or American Gem Society, both independent grading facilities, and are issued a certificate of grading using The 4 C’s.

Sri Lankan Sapphire Miner Holding Fair Trade Gems
Sri Lankan Sapphire Miner Cutting Gem
Ethical Canadian Diamonds Being Sorted