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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service


  • Do You Offer Custom Design?

    Yes, we do. Get started with your Custom Design!

  • Can I Customize A Laura Preshong Design?

    Yes, most of our designs can be customized to suit your taste and lifestyle, as an example diamonds can be replaced with sapphires, emeralds or rubies, prong styles can be changes from traditional to claw. Simple design changes will add a minimal fee of 100.00, if the ring design changes in a more significant way like two rings put together, larger or smaller stones are required, a design element is added or removed or if a design image is required, there will be additional charges, or the design may be considered custom at the designer's discretion. Contact us to discuss the possibilities or to request a quote.

  • Can I Order A Laura Preshong Engagement Ring With Any Center Stone Size and Shape?

    Yes, all of our designs are meant to be customized with your choice of center stone and metal! Most work well with center stone sizes from 0.30 carats to 2.0 carats, and in many shapes like oval, pear, brilliant, etc. Look for the suggested stone shape icons in the product listings and select from our center stone collections. Your center stone selection and setting will come together in one beautiful ring ready to propose. 

  • Can I Have My Own Stone Set In a Laura Preshong Setting?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to set any stone not purchased through Laura Preshong. Nor do we sell our settings without a diamond or gemstone purchased through Laura Preshong. 

  • Can I Use My Own Diamond Melee In A Custom Design?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to design with or set small stones not purchased through the gallery in our designs or custom designs. 

  • Will You Reuse My Gold In A New Jewelry Piece ?

    We are unable to reuse your precious metals in our designs due to impurities in metal that has been manufactured into jewelry. We do not offer a gold refining service and are unable to purchase or apply credit for gold scrap. Old mounts and gold scrap are returned to the client with the new jewelry piece.

  • What is Prix Fixe?

    We sell our engagement rings in two ways, A La Cart is fully customized, you choose the center stone type and size and your favorite setting and we put them together into your dream ring. And Prix Fixe is 6 of our most popular settings with expertly selected diamond or Moissanite center stones sold together. Either way the ring comes set, center stone and ring perfectly fitted, ready to propose. 



  • What Is Your Warranty?

    Read About Our Warranty here

  • What Is Wear and Tear?

    Wear and Tear is damage caused by the natural wear and aging of an item. Every individual wears jewelry differently, like shoes, watches and cars, some people will use their pieces for a life-time with no adjustment needed and others may need repairs within the first few months. It is always wise to insure your jewelry against loss, theft, and major repairs. 

  • How Do I Know If My Jewelry Damage Is Covered By The Warranty?

    Send us a picture, or Return the damaged item to us for a repair assessment. You will be contacted within three days of the receipt of your item with a resolution either the item is covered by the warranty or with an estimate for repair. If your repair is determined manufacturing defect covered by Our Warranty, shipping will be free!

  • A Stone Fell Out Of My Jewelry Is It Covered By Your Warranty?

    Small stones, called Pave diamonds or round melee up to 1.3mm(0.01 carats) are covered under our manufactures warranty for up to 90 days from the receipt of ring, unless there is visible damage to the item. Otherwise, stone replacement is not covered by Our Warranty, but may be covered by your personal insurance carrier. Gemstones break due to circumstances beyond our control, they can be crushed, or chipped and may fall out of a setting that is struck or if a ring is bent out of round. We will replace diamond melee, or gemstones in our jewelry as a service to our clients for a reasonable fee (most stone replacements are $35-$100). Contact Customer Service for details.