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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service


  • Do You Offer Custom Design?

    Yes, we do. Get started with your Custom Design!

  • Can I Customize A Laura Preshong Design?

    Yes, most of our designs can be customized to suit your taste and lifestyle, as an example diamonds can be replaced with sapphires, emeralds or rubies, prong styles can be changes from traditional to claw. Simple design changes will add a minimal fee of 100.00, if the ring design changes in a more significant way like two rings put together, larger or smaller stones are required, a design element is added or removed or if a design image is required, there will be additional charges, or the design may be considered custom at the designers discretion. Contact us for all the possibilities or to request a quote.

  • Can I Order A Laura Preshong Design With A Larger Center Stone or A Different Stone Shape?

    Yes, all of our designs can be customized to fit most stone sizes from 0.30 carat and up, this includes most stone shapes too! Depending on the design and modifications needed, there is often no additional charge for this service. If the ring build changes or design images are required, there is a Customization Fee.

  • Can I Have My Own Stone Set In a Laura Preshong Setting?

    We are unfortunately unable to design with or set diamonds and gemstones not purchased through the gallery. We do not sell jewelry settings without the center stones. 

  • Can I Use My Own Diamond Melee A Custom Design?

    We are unfortunately unable to design with or set diamonds and gemstones not purchased through the gallery. We do not sell jewelry settings without the center stones. 

  • Will You Reuse My Gold In A New Jewelry Piece?

    We are unable to reuse your precious metals in our designs due to impurities in metal that has been manufactured into jewelry. We do not offer a gold refining service and are unable to purchase or apply credit for gold scrap. Old mounts and gold scrap are returned to the client with the new jewelry piece.

  • When Do I Pay for My Custom Design?

    Read about Our Custom Design process for all the details.


  • Why Are Your Diamonds Better Than "Conflict Free"?

    We feature and sell only Botswana DTC and Canadian Diamonds. Canadian diamonds are the superior choice for a truly trackable 'mine to market' diamond. Laura Preshong Heirloom Collection Canadian Diamonds are certified by the Canadian Government with a CanadaMark Inscription and/or a Canadian issued certificate of origin. In addition to Canadian diamonds we purchase and sell diamonds through U.S. Accredited De Beers Diamond Buyers and DTC Sightholders who are in partnership with Botswana DTC Diamonds. These diamonds are guaranteed to be from socially and environmentally progressive mines in Botswana, Namibia and Southern African who are under the Diamond Trading Company umbrella. Read more on our Ethical Diamonds and Gemstones.

  • Are Your Diamond Melee Certified Conflict Free and Ethical?

    Yes, we use only Canadian diamond melee in all of our ethical fine jewelry, custom and original designs.

  • Do Gemstones Purchased Through Laura Preshong Come With Gem Insurance?

    Yes, Ethical Diamonds and colored gems purchased with a grading report are covered by a Free one year gem insurance policy that protects the stone from loss, theft or damage worldwide.

  • What Is Diamond Melee?

    Melee diamonds is a term used to describe small diamonds. The diamond weight for melee diamonds range from as low as 0.001 carats (1000th/carat) to 0.18 carats. Diamond melee are full cut diamonds with a table, facets and pavilion just like a large diamond. They are not diamond chips or single cut diamonds.

  • What Are The 4 C's?

    The 4 C's are Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. They describe the 4 main characteristics used to grade diamonds, as standardized by the GIA.

  • Are Your Colored Gemstones Ethically Sourced?

    Yes, all of our sapphires and colored gems are guaranteed Fair Trade and ethically sourced. All of our gemstones suppliers comply with the US Patriot Act. Many of our suppliers mines and cutting factories are monitored for environmental and socially responsible practices by local government. Better still many are visited frequently by the buying company's experts who monitor working conditions and the fair treatment of workers.

  • Do You Provide A Certificate Of Ethical Sourcing For Your Center Stones?

    Yes, we provide a printed card with our Ethical Sourcing Guarantee.