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Our 10 Most Popular Ethical Engagement Ring Styles of 2017

Every country, and every region within that country has it's own unique fashion style, and engagement ring styles are no exception. Fashion and style is unique from Dallas to Denver, and Baton Rouge to Boston. Boston leans toward the classic, alternative classics and vintage classics. Boston loves tradition, updated. While the styles our clients purchase widely vary, they all have one thing common heirloom quality and timeless styling. 

Following are our 10 most popular ethical engagement rings for 2017!

Our Lily Solitaire Engagement Ring is a classic design with a Fleur De Lys detail in the ring head. Elegant, timeless and not overwhelming this ring is sure to delight for a lifetime. 

Our amazing vintage garden inspired Laurel Solitaire Engagement Ring, featuring a bud and leaf pattern set with ethical diamond melee. Uber-feminine and subtle this engagement is perfect for every nature loving gal.

The lovely Art Deco Inspired Leila Ethical Engagement Ring is a classic solitaire with a twist. A beaded hexagon frame set around a Brilliant Cut center stone is a dynamic and unique yet simple setting. This classic solitaire setting is sure to please your vintage loving self. 

Our brilliant ethical diamond shared prong Mimosa Solitaire Engagement Ring is a strand of sparkling diamonds on a thin, dainty band. Simple and stunning this shared prong delicate ring is an heirloom classic. 

Our stunning vintage inspired Calla Ethical Diamond Halo Ring has a unique twist on a classic diamond halo ring. Two larger side stones are placed on the band sides of the halo to enhance the design and center stone. This ring is a modern classic and sure to become a family heirloom.

The elegant and streamlined Tess Micro-Halo Ethical Engagement Ring is a hats off to the classic with a delicate updated edge. The ethical diamond micro halo enhances the center stone with a little less metal for more diamond sparkle. This modern classic halo ring is perfect for the classic gal who like a little bit more design.


Our classic Molly Ethical Diamond Halo Ring is a contemporary take on a age-old setting style known as shared prong, or fishtail prong. This style of setting allows for the diamonds to sit edge to edge in the setting creating a continuous band of light. Delicate and elegant this ring style has been and will be popular for years to come. 

The beautiful Victorian jewelry inspired Blythe Side Stone Ethical Engagement Ring is a sublime combination of modern and classic design. Pared to the essence of a vintage spray of leaves and flowers, this design is clean and elegant. This ring is sure to please every elegant, vintage loving girl. 

The inspiring Mae Three Stone Ethical Engagement Ring represents the couple's past, present and future. This updated version of the classic three stone engagement ring style features fancy pear cut side stone for a more modern and unique feel. This ethical three stone engagement ring is sure to become a family heirloom. 

Our delicate and feminine Mayfair Side Stone Ethical Engagement Ring is a perfect pop of classic elegance. Three ethical diamond melee on both sides of the center stone, and the refined beaded detail accent the center stone beautifully. This ring is dainty and perfect for the vintage ring lover.

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