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Jewelry Warranty: What is the Difference Between a Manufactures Defect and Wear and Tear?

Your jewelry is a precious and valuable item, and like most items purchased for use it is susceptible to damage through wear and tear or use. Gold, platinum and diamonds are very strong and can withstand normal wear without damage, but science and engineering principles still apply. 

Fine jewelry is made from strong, durable materials but is not indestructible or maintenance free, striking, banging and lifting solid heavy items can damage your jewelry and break diamonds. Gold and platinum will gouge, bend and crack, and small diamonds and colored stones will break and fall from their settings if you wear them too hard or don't pay attention to loose stones. Everyone wears jewelry differently, some people can wear their rings for years with no issues at all and others require regular repairs and adjustments. The most common damage to wedding and fine jewelry is through wear and tear; bent rings, pulled prongs and lost stones are common in today's popular delicate styles.

Most manufacturing defects will show up quickly, usually within the first month of wear as the structure of the jewelry piece is compromised, and the same is true for loose stones. Vibration from wear will quickly work out any loose stones right after a ring is set, stone setting is an art and done by hand and on occasion a stone can come out of the setting. Most jewelry stores, including Laura Preshong will replace lost small diamonds within the first 30 days. Center stones are set differently with much thicker prongs than tiny pave diamonds, they may loosen as the metal hardens and stretches with wear but unless pulled back they will hold the center stone in place.

Manufacturing defects refer to the structure of the jewelry item, like a band separating from the ring head, or pits and porosity inside the ring that weaken the rings ability to hold up to normal wear. A manufacturing defect is difficult to understand for clients outside of the jewelry industry, as most manufacturing defects have to do with the casting of the piece. A manufactures defect will show up quickly during wear and will be easily recognised by your jeweler.

Have your wedding band and engagement ring checked for lose prongs and damage once yearly, the service is usually free and quick. If you notice your ring is bent, or the center stone has started to move, stop wearing the piece and have it repaired. Continued wear will result in a permanently damaged, a cracked ring or a lost center stone.

Insure your fine jewelry, loss or permanent damage is devastating and avoidable. Most jewelry, especially engagement rings and wedding bands, are lost within the first two years of wear, while your getting used to wearing it. If you need to remove your jewelry in a public place put in on a chain around your neck, in your pocket or handbag as most jewelry is left behind in public restrooms, tanning salons, hotels and on the beach.

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