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Selecting Your Diamond On Line. Part One - Round Diamonds.

A Round or Brilliant Cut diamond is the most popular cut for your engagement ring for two reasons; it looks great on any hand shape, and when cut properly is the most sparkling of all diamond cuts. It is also the most expensive, due to the amount of diamond lost in cutting, and supply and demand. A Brilliant [...]

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Join Us On Instagram

We love Instagram. It's a great way for us to show new pieces before they make it up onto the Laura Preshong website. Plus we can show you all the beautiful Canadian and Botswana DTC diamonds our clients purchase! Won't you join us on Instagram?

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Why Are Pink Diamonds So Rare and Expensive?

Why are pink diamonds so rare and expensive, simply put diamonds are most common in color ranging from white, to brown and yellow. The more intense the natural color or in the case of white diamonds the lack of color, the more rare and expensive the stone. Certified natural Fancy Vivid pink diamonds are the [...]

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We're Live! Try Our Conflict Free Diamond Search Tool Now.

View thousands of Canadian and Botswana DTC diamond and shop with confidence knowing your diamond purchase is ethical and supporting the communities where they are mined.

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To Sapphire or Diamond, That is the Corundum.

A 9 on the Moh's Hardness Scale, it's name translated from Greek meaning 'blue stone', the mystical sapphire is a regal alternative to a diamond as your engagement ring. Hard as hammers, these stones come in white and all colors except red (that would be a ruby), the most common being the eponymous blue sapphire, [...]

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Rhodium White Gold or Palladium White Gold?

White gold, a definitive Webster's oxymoron; white - gold, hard - malleable, and growing in popularity as an alternative to platinum since World War II. It is light in weight, lower in cost than platinum, steel like in color and strength, and it will never tarnish.Simply explained, white gold is yellow gold alloyed with white [...]

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One Ring In Three Carat Sizes....A Visual Comparison

Diamond Carat ComparisonTrying to decide on which diamond carat size is best for your lifestyle? The Charlotte above is shown set (from left) with a half carat 5 mm diamond, a one carat 6.5 mm diamond and a two carat 8 mm diamond. The diamond melee band is 1.55 mm wide for comparison. All equally [...]

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Keep Calm And Put A Ring On It. Free Graphic.

Keep Calm And Put A Ring On ItA fun little engagement hint from your peeps at Laura Preshongcontrol-click on MAC or right click on a PC to save to desktop, then print and be creative!

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Boston Wedding Magazine's 'Center Stage' Photo Shoot and We're Included!

The Fall 2015 Boston Wedding Magazine's photo shoot 'Center Stage: Dramatic Wedding Gowns at the Wang Theater'. Thank you for including us!

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