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Setting a Family Stone

Stone Re-setting

Laura Preshong is happy to set your personally owned precious gemstone or diamond into one of our settings, or incorporate them into a custom design.A setting fee of 400.00 per center stone less than 2.0 carats, 2.0 and up 500.00 and/or 50.00 each for melee will be added to the design price to cover identification, handling and removal from old mounts and setting, etc. A Setting Waiver will be required prior to removing diamonds from old mounts or re-setting a client's personal gemstone or diamond. We do not carry any type of insurance for client stones (not purchased through Laura Preshong), and are free from liability for loss, theft or damage. It is recommended that you insurance on your diamond prior to leaving with us for setting. Diamonds purchased through Laura Preshong are insured FREE for one year immediately upon purchase, and are covered during the setting process. Client owned metals and diamond melee (small diamonds) with measurements of less than 2mm can not be used in custom designs.


Your Gold or Platinum

We are unable to reuse your precious metals in our designs due to irregular gold alloys, impurities in manufactured metal, and unique gold karat standards. We do not offer a gold refining service and are unable to purchase or apply credit for your gold scrap. Old mounts and gold scrap are packaged and returned to the client with your new Laura Preshong jewelry design.





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