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What are Ethical Diamonds and Conflict Free Diamonds? Where are they Mined? And How They Do Good.

There are only a few reliable sources for truly Conflict Free Diamonds or Ethically Sourced Diamonds. Australia, Canada and Botswana Africa are the most well known and prolific. The Australian Mines are the Argyle Mine owned by The Rio Tinto Mining Company, and the Ellendale owned by Goodrich Resources.The Canadian Mines are Diavik owned by Rio Tinto and Harry Winston, The Spring Lake and Victor Mines owned and operated by De Beers, and the Botswana Diamond Trading Company which is a 50/50 partnership between the Government of the Republic of Botswana and De Beers Group.

All diamonds coming from the De Beers Canada Mines are recorded and authenticated by the Canadian Government and given a card of authenticity called a CanadaMark Card. All Canadian diamonds sold through Laura Preshong come with this card of authenticity. There is currently no certification available from the Botswana Mine but there will be in the(hopefully) near future. 

Why are these mines considered ethical? Mining practices, fair wages and humanitarian efforts are the prominent reasons. The mining practices are considered safer with worker safety being at the top of management's concerns. Hospitals, social infrastructure and education work hand in hand with economic stability to better the lives of the people in the mining regions.

Like with all large scale mining, and drilling operations the diamond industry isn’t without criticism from environmentalists and humanitarians. However it really is a much better industry than it was when the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Blood Diamond” came out in 2006. As the consumer continues to demand a more transparent and responsible industry, the diamond industry continues to respond with more track-able diamonds and environmental and and social improvements.

All diamonds sold through Laura Preshong are guaranteed Ethical and Conflict Free Diamonds, we purchase diamonds mined from De Beers Canadian and Botswana mines only. Try our Ethical Diamond Search Tool.

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